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I love reading and you will always catch me with a book. While I love all mysteries and romances, I am particularly stuck on Cozy Mysteries.

Mismatch - Nana Malone I received the request to review this book and was definitely intrigued by the synopsis so agreed to read for my honest review. This was a good book, I was just a little surprised about the level of hotness. Wasn’t prepared for that. So if you aren’t okay with a steamy book, this would not be for you.The whole premise of the book was very intriguing. Twin brothers involved in the art business. One is the others keeper more or less. Their story of growing up also adds to the uniqueness of the story.Jessica is also a great character. A tough female in managing the art business and she knows how to handle herself. Caught in a whirlwind, she’s not sure how to handle all aspects of the situation. Her mother is also an interesting character and adds to the story as well.Besides enjoying the story and romance, I also enjoyed the little bit of insight into not only artists themselves, but art authenticators and investigating art forgeries.This was an enjoyable romance story and definitely had its edge with the characters careers and interests. I would recommend this book to readers of “hot and steamy” romance novels. Quick and enjoyable read.
Handbags and Homicide - Dorothy Howell Original review posted at A Date with a Book I haven’t given 5 stars to a cozy mystery in a long time. I loved this book from page one and until the end. As indicated on the back, there is a cliffhanger which will leave the reader wanting to read the next book quick. Oh yeah it does. It really does leave you hanging so if you can’t stand to wait, make sure you have book two ready to go!! I’ve got to find the second book, ugh.Haley is quite the character. She finds herself on the edge of destruction with her jobs and guys that she is like a whirlwind. This keeps the pace going, along with her interaction with her friends and coworkers. The crime is very well done and I thought I had an inkling of who, but it wasn’t who I thought.The author has created some memorable characters, even those whose interaction is very limited. It really made you feel as if you were a part of the story itself. I kept telling my family, I have to go find out what is happening with Haley. They would give me that weird look, but yes this book totally gets you hooked. Something I’ve needed for a long time.I recommend this book to any reader of cozy mysteries or chick lit. It is definitely light and fun and you do not get bogged down with the details of the crime. If you love purses or handbags, or have ever been to a “purse party” then this book and series is for you!!
Willowleaf Lane - RaeAnne Thayne I absolutely loved this book. I requested it from Netgalley after being familiar with the author’s name, but having checked my Goodreads list, I haven’t read anything before. However, I am so glad I found this author.This is book five in the series. I did not feel as I was missing any prior information so definitely feel it could be read as a stand alone.I enjoyed the writing of the author. The setting and location were a very enjoyable small town. This book seemed very similar to the writing of Debbie Macomber and her Cedar Cove series.The town citizens lives revolve around one another and so with the additional reading of the other books there could be definitely more depth to the remaining characters in town you briefly got to know in this book.I loved the Candy Shop and wonder if somewhere there is a similar place with excellent fudge. I do like a good fudge and various flavors. The love story is very clean and enjoyable. Charlotte is definitely someone you can identify with whether it be yourself or someone you know very well. I just wanted to many times just yell at her to get on with it, but as always they don’t listen.Spencer is fighting a lot of baggage and also dealing with his daughter Peyton. She definitely adds to the story, as well as the love story. They are a great daddy/daughter duo and helped complete an excellent story.I’m very excited to have found this author and the series and will definitely seek out the remaining books of the series.
Lost to You - A.L. Jackson Original review posted at A Date with a Book Even though this is the prequel, you must read Take This Regret before reading this novella.Click here for review.I absolutely love A.L. Jackson and she is an auto buy author for me now. I quickly grabbed this when it came out and finally read it. This is the pre-story of Christian and Elizabeth. The story of how they met and how their relationship developed. It is a very quick read.I thoroughly enjoyed this story and enjoyed learning how Christian and Elizabeth met, but now I feel I may have to do a re-read of Take This Regret. A.L. Jackson writes with such intense emotion which was slightly felt here, but not the usual intensity level. This was a great glimpse into both of their lives with their families as well.If you have read Take This Regret, you definitely should read how Christian and Elizabeth fall in love. If you have not, I highly encourage you to read Take This Regret and then read Lost to You.
Mama Does Time - Deborah Sharp Original review posted at A Date with a Book This was a free Kindle download from quite a while ago. I found it while scrolling through my available Kindle titles and decided to read it for a cozy review. I am very glad I read this book. A great start to a series.I thoroughly enjoyed the main characters who are a group of three sisters and their mother. That’s Mama. I enjoyed the sister aspect, as I have four sisters myself. These three sisters are about as different from one another as all of us and definitely add to the humor of the story. Mace is the main sleuth, but does receive help and support from her two loving sisters. I loved the insight as to why their names and nicknames. And let’s not leave mama out. She’s got quite the outfits going on and knows everyone.The remaining characters in town were also a lot of fun. The women at the salon, the congregation at the church, the pastor and his wife, the new detective in town, the old boyfriend/officer. Lots of fun characters and the small town setting molded the story. Mace’s occupation was very interesting and only got to read a little bit about it. Very interesting and added entertainment as well.This was a humorous, quick cozy read. Definitely recommend to cozy readers of all ages. Can’t wait to read more!
Dare You To - Katie McGarry Original review posted at A Date with a Book It’s been a little while since I read a young adult book, so when I saw this book on Netgalley and knew of the great reviews book one had received, I made the request. After receiving the book, I quickly found some time to read it. I loved it!! This was a very quick read and an awesome story.The title of the book is very leading of the plot of the story. I loved that aspect and was entertained by it the entire story. It encompassed not just the beginning and the few characters, but many characters and to the end of the book. I also liked how Beth and Ryan’s first encounter linked in many other parts of the book.There are many substories going on as well as the main story. I enjoyed all of them and how they entwined with one another. Definitely many emotions going on as I read the length of the book, from laughter, to sadness, to heartbreak, and amazement. This story will definitely make you feel all of these things. I also wanted to just yell at several of the characters and tell them to wake up. Very emotional evoking story, but not emotionally draining.After finishing this book, I checked out the synopsis of book one, but really wonder if I could enjoy that book as much as this one.I highly recommend this book to all readers of the young adult genre. And if you’ve read book one, let me know if it is worth the read!!
Bloody Mary (Jack Daniels Mysteries) - J. A. Konrath Original review posted at A Date with a Book I don’t know why I have been so timid in reading this series. I had book #1 on my shelf for several years, haven’t read it, so when this was a free Kindle book I grabbed it. It wasn’t until I had started and a good portion through this that I found I did have book #1 on my Kindle as well. I was in a slump for reading and not sure what I was in the mood for, but this book definitely hit the spot. With its humor and wit, it had me laughing at every turn. This book was a quick read.Here are a few quick statement reviews summing up a few ideas I had: What a way to say I Love YouWhoa Old People!Wait a go Mr. Friskers!Diets can cause a lot of grief.Great characters and great story not only with just the crime solving, but personal levels as well. I very much enjoyed the humor and found myself laughing quite often. I thought the main character, Jack was very likeable and I identified with her well. I also liked her partner Herb who did at times get on my nerves as he rushed through his decisions. However, in the end I feel like he kind of redeemed himself. Excited to read the next book and find out more of his story.I would definitely match the level of enjoyment and humor with Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, but definitely not similar stories. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a crime mystery book with a high dose of humor.
Afraid To Die (Selena Alvarez/Regan Pescoli) - Lisa Jackson Original review posted at A Date with a Book I was introduced to this series by receiving book one as a gift. See my review here. I thorougly enjoyed that book and have read every book as its been released. When this book was released, I quickly purchased it, but didn't read it right away. In fact, I forgot I had it on my Kindle until I saw Ready to Die on Netgalley which is to be released at the end of the month and will be reviewed later on this blog as well.I love the balance of crime solving, mystery, as well as the romance side stories that are going on in this series. I know many readers don't like romance in their mystery stories, but I like the dimension that it brings to the overall series. This aspect helps link the books in the series together so well. However, these books can also be read as stand alones, as there is briefly an update at the beginning of each book to fill in holes or gaps as they appear in the story.I like how the author has created two very strong female detectives who are so very different from one another. Their relationship albeit not a typical friend-friend relationship was definitely tested and proven in this book. Det Pescoli is still struggling with her kids, and her ex and his wife, and with the fact that so much of her time is taken up with work. She is a hard working detective who obviously has earned her position in the department. Det Alvarez role in the current case takes on a personal note in more ways than one. Readers get to learn a little more about her past and really what makes up the character of Selena.I also like how the author writes from the suspect's point of view and as a reader we are given a little more into what he sees and is thinking. There is not a lot of time spent from his POV, but enough to provide more information as to possibly who the suspect may be. I also think this adds more tension for me as a reader when the victims find themselves in their situation.I highly recommend this book to readers of romantic mystery and those who just like a good mystery. The series is awesome and if you haven't begun reading already, you won't have to wait for each book. Enjoy!!
The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #1) - Jessica Sorensen Original review posted at A Date with a Book Having quickly grabbed this book from Amazon when others were reading it, it took me some time to actually get it in my reading que. I'm kind of a sad it took me so long. This was an amazing book!Not knowing what to expect, I quickly delved into the reading and just as quick was done with the book. I thoroughly enjoyed both main characters, Callie and Kayden. Their story was a roller coaster, but very enjoyable. Not knowing how the two parts of the story were going to hook up, I was pleasantly surprised with the connection.I also enjoyed the supporting main characters Luke and Seth. What great best friends they were to Kayden and Callie. They definitely played a large roll in the second part of the story. They definitely added a lot of fun, excitement, and support to the story.The darkness surrounding both Callie and Kayden is what the story is all about. Definitely a love story as well, but much more than that. I'm excited to read the next book of the series, as well as start the author's other book, The Secret of Ella and Micha.I recommend this book to readers of New Adult, or anyone who has struggled with something in the past and overcome it.
Ring in the Dead - J.A. Jance Original review posted at A Date with a Book When I received a request from the author to read her new J.P. Beaumont novella, I was honored. I have read several of the J.P. Beaumont novels, definitely not enough, and thoroughly love the character.The fact that it is a novella, or short story, does not leave anything missing in the way it was written. Complete and not rushed, the story tells of Beaumont's introduction to his partner Pickles. It is also Beau's first days as a detective for Seattle PD.I loved that it told of his personal life current and past. Learning more about his wife and his interaction with her definitely added dimension to his character. I will love knowing this as I continue to read the earlier installments in the series.If you are a fan of J.A. Jance's J.P. Beaumont series, I highly recommend you read this new novella. If you are wondering if you would like to begin this series and don't want to commit yourself to a regular size novel, definitely read this novella for a small introduction on the character J.P. Beaumont.
Purses and Poison - Dorothy Howell Original review posted at A Date with a Book I am enjoying this series. There’s not a lot of depth with the characters, but definitely a lot of humor in the story. Haley is a perfect sleuth. As ditzy as she may seem because of her love of purses and not wanting to pay attention at times, she is able to settle down and solve the crime. She also is connected with her resources to assist her in getting what she need. I loved how Haley got wrapped up with the cat and kittens escapade.The murder in this story was unique to me. The story surrounding the murder was interesting as well as the event the murder took place. This kept me reading. I liked the setting as I was worried that being in the department store was going to limit the author to unique commission of murder.I liked the new characters and potential suspects in the crime. They added uniqueness and depth to the story. Also, Haley’s roller coaster relationship with Ty is quite hilarious and I will definitely be reading book three to find out how this continues.This is a great cozy series that I highly recommend to readers who like fluff and no much food for thought!
Ready to Die (Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli) - Lisa Jackson Having been a reader of this series, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were so many dynamic spins and twists, I enjoyed the diversity of it all.I do have to say if you don’t like a lot of story of romance and family drama mixed in with your suspense, then this book is not for you. I personally enjoy that aspect of a book and cannot wait for the next book. Ugh! So much is happening by the end of the book and has me totally hooked. As I said in my review of Afraid to Die, I was introduced to this series with book one as being a new release I received for my birthday. I continually find myself just wanting to continue, but have to wait.There are several new exciting things in this book regarding the series. First, as readers we get to meet the Grayson family. Learned a lot about their family and relationships. I liked how this gave a whole new perspective on the Sheriff. Can’t wait to learn more.I also liked the new character Zoller who is a female detective at the Sheriff’s Office. She is being taken under the wing of Pescoli, but immediately I could see she has the same tenacity and drive as Pescoli and Alvarez. A very smart female working in a man’s world.All in all, this is the best book of the series IMO!
Strong Rain Falling: A Caitlin Strong Novel - Jon Land Original review posted at A Date with a Book I love a fiction story that wraps itself around something real. The author has written an amazing story about the Texas Rangers in a fiction story that piques my interest in reading some non-fiction on the subject.This book is a fast read. No time is wasted in getting the story off and going. I like how the author has written from different points of time and then weaves them together. It's so fast in the beginning, be ready to spend some time reading when you first start.My favorite character was Caitlin. What a strong female. I love her story with Cort and the boys. How it intertwines with the past and into the present. Paz was another great character. Mysterious and strong. He had me intrigued from his entrance into the story.This book is very well written. The story is very well crafted from beginning to end. Thrills and surprises every page turn away. If you love thrillers and suspense, then this book is for you. If you are wanting to spread your wings into a new genre, give this book a try.
Lowcountry Bombshell - Susan M. Boyer Original review posted at A Date with a Book Characters: The characters are well developed. Descriptive enough that you get to know them and can identify some of these characters in your own lives. Liz's family is quite entertaining, but very supportive. Wait until you get to have family dinner with her family. It is quite a treat. I liked all of the characters with one clarifying statement: At first meeting Colleen, I didn't know if I would like this type of character in the story at all, but by the end of the book, she had totally grown on me.Location and Setting: On a few morning runs with Liz, you get to take in a lot of sites around town. Other specific spots are visited through the investigation, with Liz on her dates, and a girl's night out. The bed and breakfast sounded very quaint and definitely a place I would love to stay.Crime: The dead body is in another town, how can it possibly be related? That's what I thought. I loved the mystery in this book. It was quite intense at times. The twists and turns kept me guessing at every page turn. Liz and Nate as crime solving partners are amazing. They definitely work well together and had me laughing at all their actions.Romance: The romance in this book is quite hot. More so than most cozies I've read lately. The scenes are descriptive, but do leave enough to the imagination. I enjoyed the tense moments with Michael and Nate.
Mai Tai One On - Jill Marie Landis Original review posted at A Date with a Book Characters: Several, developed well enough to picture them, but not be overwhelming. The cast of characters are funny and quite creative. My favorite, other than Em and Sophie, were Big and Little Estelle. A mother and daughter duo, but you’ll have to read the book to learn why they were titled “big” and “little”.Location and Setting: This is the first cozy I've read where the location was Hawaii. I loved the cozy little location in a small part of Kauai. Most of the story happens at the bar, so not much is described through the rest of the town. Maybe in future installments. However, I do know that there is a lot of real estate for sale in this particular part of the Island.Crime: The body is found at the beginning of the book which I tend to like, as it leaves the rest of the book for all the development. However, that is not the only crime which happens in this story and there is enough twist and turns to keep you guessing. Definitely had me hooked.Romance: There’s definitely romance or the possibility of romance in a cozy and this book is no exception. However, the romance is very mild. Were there sparks flying between Roland and Em? If you ask the maidens, some some yes and some say no.This book was a slow start for me, could have been my mood. But in the end, I do have to say I enjoyed this book. It’s really grown on me the longer its been since I finished reading it and put together the review.
The Double Wedding Ring - Clare O'Donohue Original review posted at A Date with a Book Characters: There are several characters in this book. However, having them associated with their store or occupation makes it easy to remember them. I would love to go back and read previous books to get to know them better. I really liked all of the characters. I loved Nell's family. When they all get together, there's a little groveling going on amongst them.Location and Setting: This is a very quaint town. I love all the places on Main Street. The town is that small that everything is right there. I love the gazebo and park, and with the descriptions I can picture them as if I've been there before. With the time of year and the snow, I think I have totally pictured a town that is one you typically see in a Christmas movie.Crime: This entire crime sequence was amazing. From the beginning when the body was found, to the end when the resolution came, there were plenty of twists and turns. I thought I knew who it was and then I would turn the page and think oh no it's someone else. Some awesome red herrings placed in this story. Nell was a great sleuth. I liked her attitude and her ability to handle the balance of the crime and everything else she had going on.Romance: Everyone seems to have a little something going on. This is what I liked best about the book. The romance between couples and new couples popped up everywhere.A great read! Even though this was book five of the series, I was not lost in this particular story. I do have a huge desire to read the rest of the books before this. I want to know the pre-story to this book.