A Date with a Book

I love reading and you will always catch me with a book. While I love all mysteries and romances, I am particularly stuck on Cozy Mysteries.

The Double Wedding Ring - Clare O'Donohue Original review posted at A Date with a Book Characters: There are several characters in this book. However, having them associated with their store or occupation makes it easy to remember them. I would love to go back and read previous books to get to know them better. I really liked all of the characters. I loved Nell's family. When they all get together, there's a little groveling going on amongst them.Location and Setting: This is a very quaint town. I love all the places on Main Street. The town is that small that everything is right there. I love the gazebo and park, and with the descriptions I can picture them as if I've been there before. With the time of year and the snow, I think I have totally pictured a town that is one you typically see in a Christmas movie.Crime: This entire crime sequence was amazing. From the beginning when the body was found, to the end when the resolution came, there were plenty of twists and turns. I thought I knew who it was and then I would turn the page and think oh no it's someone else. Some awesome red herrings placed in this story. Nell was a great sleuth. I liked her attitude and her ability to handle the balance of the crime and everything else she had going on.Romance: Everyone seems to have a little something going on. This is what I liked best about the book. The romance between couples and new couples popped up everywhere.A great read! Even though this was book five of the series, I was not lost in this particular story. I do have a huge desire to read the rest of the books before this. I want to know the pre-story to this book.