A Date with a Book

I love reading and you will always catch me with a book. While I love all mysteries and romances, I am particularly stuck on Cozy Mysteries.

Handbags and Homicide - Dorothy Howell Original review posted at A Date with a Book I haven’t given 5 stars to a cozy mystery in a long time. I loved this book from page one and until the end. As indicated on the back, there is a cliffhanger which will leave the reader wanting to read the next book quick. Oh yeah it does. It really does leave you hanging so if you can’t stand to wait, make sure you have book two ready to go!! I’ve got to find the second book, ugh.Haley is quite the character. She finds herself on the edge of destruction with her jobs and guys that she is like a whirlwind. This keeps the pace going, along with her interaction with her friends and coworkers. The crime is very well done and I thought I had an inkling of who, but it wasn’t who I thought.The author has created some memorable characters, even those whose interaction is very limited. It really made you feel as if you were a part of the story itself. I kept telling my family, I have to go find out what is happening with Haley. They would give me that weird look, but yes this book totally gets you hooked. Something I’ve needed for a long time.I recommend this book to any reader of cozy mysteries or chick lit. It is definitely light and fun and you do not get bogged down with the details of the crime. If you love purses or handbags, or have ever been to a “purse party” then this book and series is for you!!