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Play Him Again

Play Him Again - Jeffrey  Stone Original review posted at A Date with a BookI was provided a copy of this book by the author for my honest review. When I received the request, I read and thought the synopsis for a while before accepting the request. I’m glad I chose the book. I think the cover is fitting for the story, as well as the title.A lot is going on in this book. It’s not a quick read, but it is a page turner. Absorb all of the information you can when you read about the bootlegging and rumrunning, and the silent and talking pictures. Do not make a determination about liking or disliking the book until you are at least halfway through the book. As soon as the connections begin coming together, the book takes off.My favorite character was not the main character, but his girlfriend Sylvia. I think partly because of the way Hud treated her and what he kept secret from her. However, when she found out about the certain things he was hiding, she was spit fire back at him. I really enjoyed it.I enjoyed the background information on the rumrunning and progression into talking pictures. Some big names in there that made me wonder how the actual talking picture came to be. That’s what I like about fiction. An introduction to non-fiction, that will cause me to research and learn more about.I recommend this book to readers of thrillers and mysteries. It is not a light or fluffy read and will require some thought and patience, but it is definitely worth your time.