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Loving Mick

Loving Mick - Jill Limber Originally posted at A Date with a Book I was excited to review this book and the entire series of books. This series is about a group of girls, friends from college, and their getting together on New Year’s Eve. When they were in college, they made a list of qualities they wanted to find in a husband. With all of them single again, they make a new list and challenge to find someone by next year.This book is focused on Jessie and her story of finding a man. Jessie has just moved back home to San Diego after her cheating husband leaves her. Jessie moves in with her parents so they can help out with the children while she works. Charlie ends up missing and the cops are called. Mick shows up to help during the search. Quickly finding his chance to ask her on a date, they soon find themselves enamored with one another.This was a quick read and a lot of fun. I found familiarness to the Nora Roberts trilogies or quartets where friends and romance are involved. I absolutely loved this book. Even though it is a short book, I did not feel rushed or that there wasn’t enough information or story. If you love a cute romance with a little steamy situations, this book is for you.