A Date with a Book

I love reading and you will always catch me with a book. While I love all mysteries and romances, I am particularly stuck on Cozy Mysteries.

DiSemblance - Shanae Branham Review originally posted at A Date with a BookDefinition of dissemblance: The state of being disguised or concealed behind a false apperance.This book was amazing! This book is another example of why I love indie authors. After receiving the request, I read through it thoroughly as I always do. Sometimes if I don’t have time, I will come back to the request at a later date. I read the synopsis and thought, no this book is not my type at all. For the most part I don’t read fantasy and I definitely don’t do futuristic, so I was pretty sure I would pass on this request. However, the mystery side of it caught my attention and so after some thought, I decided to read this book and I’m sure glad I did.The book was very fast paced. The chapters are short and immediately you are caught up in the story. Flip flopping back and forth basically between Jason’s point of view and Det. Durante’s point of view and so you have to keep reading because you have to find out what happened to Jason, but it’s after the chapter involving the detective, and so on and so on and so on. The pages just flew.I really enjoyed the idea and plot of the story. It had my head spinning throughout the entire book and especially in the end. There is no up and down with the book, the story just carries from beginning to end. I liked all of the characters and I especially liked how the author was able to weave in just a little bit of personal side story to get you hooked with the characters.I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read. I would highly recommend this to those who enjoy thrillers and mysteries, as well as fantasy and futuristic. This story will knock your socks off!