A Date with a Book

I love reading and you will always catch me with a book. While I love all mysteries and romances, I am particularly stuck on Cozy Mysteries.

The Next Always (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, #1) - Nora Roberts I have to be honest, in the beginning I was bored and was not enjoying this book at all. I pressed myself to continue and glad I did as the ending was amazing. I’m not sure why I didn’t like it in the beginning, as I love Nora Roberts trilogies. The only thing I can think of is that there was a lot of set-up and not a lot of characters engaging until near the end.This book is a typical Nora Roberts, but with her suspense and paranormal inserts the book was awesome. While I don’t believe in ghosts, I absolutely love how the ghost played into the storyline. I also liked that the women were older and that Clare was a single widowed mother with kids. Tying them into the story and the fun games they had with Beckett, were very enjoyable. However, I think Ryder is my favorite of the Montgomery brothers and I cannot wait until I can read his story.I recommend this book to readers of Nora Roberts romance trilogies. If you have not read this author before, I don’t recommend starting with this trilogy/book.