A Date with a Book

I love reading and you will always catch me with a book. While I love all mysteries and romances, I am particularly stuck on Cozy Mysteries.

Invisible - Lorena McCourtney This story had an interesting concept in that the amateur sleuth is an older woman. Ivy looses her best friend which in my opinion did not help the story. I found that as soon as Thea dies, there is very limited involvement with the other characters. I enjoyed all the characters for the brief time Ivy was involved with them, but then she ends up doing so much by herself that there isn’t much conversation. I think I’ve figured out why in other cozy mysteries they sleuth ends up having a buddy and/or friend that tags along. The mystery story was fine, in its clues and leads to the end. I was just disappointed in the additional plot and interactions with the characters.I did enjoy the reasoning of the title and how it fit into the story. That was pretty clever and did make me grin. Kind of made you think about elderly people as well.I was also intrigued with the film in the camera and the one hour photo shop. It seems like it has been ages since this was how we took pictures, but maybe it was the author trying to also portray the age of the characters.